Locating potential merger partners for a large social care organisation providing services to people with mental health and learning difficulties included investigating parties suitability, finances and structure.

Advising on the governance structure of an arts centre and steps to improve accountability.

Investigation of the possibility of the recovery of unused charity assets including examination of historic records, freedom of information requests of the local authority, dealing with banks and organising public appeal for voluntary act (Westminster and Hackney).

Advice to the London Borough of Ealing on the selection of an independent Chair for new charity with a view to taking on any staff, activities and assets of a heritage building and gallery.

Post graduate training staff in the key issues facing charities for fundraisers and finance directors.

Advice to a rural therapeutic community on restructuring and charitable status.

Advice to a community enterprise on achieving a transfer of a substantial long leasehold asset from the local authority including advice on negotiations and potential constitutional restructuring needed to achieve this.

Training in governance, social enterprise and trading for rural charities.